The Gold Coast Quilter’s Guild

The Gold Coast Quilter’s GuildSue and Jane, from The Gold Coast Quilter’s Guild, delivered 23 kid-themed quilts — especially made by their young students for our children.

Each Family Promise child will receive a beautiful quilt — that they can wrap around them and feel secure. Each quilt has a handwritten note from the maker with a special message.

One in particular touching note: “I hope you get a home soon”.

Thank you Sue and Jane and special thank you to the loving little hands that made these beautiful quilts.

For more information on The Gold Coast Quilter’s Guild and The Patty Project:

School Supplies from the Community at

The Bridges Community



Special “thank you” to The Bridges Community” (Delray Beach) for their delivery of “just in time” school supplies.

Monica, Family Promise intern, helps Benji unload the bags and bags and bags of supplies for our children.


Thank you, Family Promise SPBC


Angela and Her Sons: Avery and TonyAngelaAveryTony

One of the true joys of volunteering with Family Promise is getting the chance to read some of the stories about how families have been impacted.   We love to hear from those who have graduated from our Road to Independence program as they stay in touch to share new milestones in the lives of their families.

Please enjoy one of these stories in an open letter from Angela and her sons Avery and Tony by clicking on the image on the right to open the letter.   Be sure to donate your time and resources so that we can help other families to reach for their dreams.


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