How FP Works

Hosting and Supporting Congregations

Hosting rotates weekly among the host congregations in our network. During a hosting week, the congregations provides food, hospitality, and lodging at the congregation to the families (guest) in the program. At any one time, there are at most four guest families and no more than 14 people in the program.

Supporting congregations provide volunteers, financial, and other support.

Day Center

During the day, guests use the Family Promise Day Center in Delray Beach. A 15-passenger van transports guests between the Day Center and the host congregations.

The Day Center is the guests’ home base. It provides them with a mailing address, phone service, and computer access to enable guests to find housing and employment.

Case managers and guests work together at the Day Center. Together they support the guest’s steps toward self-reliance and establish the goals and strategies needed to achieve sustained independence.


Volunteers are the heart of the program. Volunteers prepare meals, provide hospitality, drive the van, staff the Day Center, help guests find jobs and housing and share their specialized skills, such as resume writing, financial planning and parenting.

Social Service Agencies

Family Promise collaborates with other service providers to help our guests obtain housing, job mentoring, counseling and social and health services.

How Can I Help?
Volunteer Training