Signatures are required on this form of any person(s) prior to using their voices or images.
 Club 252 forms are downloaded in a sheet of four. They must be cut into cards and distributed at various meeting, used as bag stuffers, etc. They should be mailed to the posting address on the card along with a check by a donor.
 Registration form for a volunteer to be filled out by them. It requests contact information and it may also be used to request a hosting date,day, and activity. It should be returned to the volunteer’s coordiantor.
 “Cheat sheet” of volunteer ettiquette in interacting with guests. Hand this out at a trainings.
 Form guests typically fill out at the Day Center. It is kept on record in the Family Promise files.
Volunteers preparing dinners should have this on hand as a guideline on best foods for guest menu preparation.
All volunteers should sign this before interacting with guests.
Form is an Excel spreadsheet that can be printed for volunteer sign up at a host site. It also can be used to enter hours and consolidate them into categories for easy entry into the system.
See Instructions on the sheet.
You must enable macros to use on your computer!

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