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 There are two Excel spreadsheets you need to download to get started using the coordinator scheduler tool. You click the button on the bottom of the page to download.

1. The first download is the Scheduler tool itself. You should save this on your computer in a place you will remember. This is reusable and after you get it downloaded you will want to use this copy until we create a new version. After you download the Scheduler Tool, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the detailed instructions before you begin. Caution: You must have the second download discussed below on your computer before you begin using the Scheduler Tool!

2. The second download is the Volunteer Activities file. This is the volunteer activity and day preferences entered by them or by you into the Hosting Date page on the website. You use the data from the Volunteer Activities file with the Scheduler Tool to plan and create a schedule for your hosting weeks. A new Volunteer Activity file is uploaded to the website  at least once a each week to reflect the changes made as more volunteers sign up for the hosting week in their congregations. You should save a copy on your computer. Its a good idea to save it with a file name which is a date. For example, May 1, 2009 would be saved as 090501. As you approach your hosting week, you may wish to have a special upload made as you know more volunteers have signed up. If you need a more current version than what is on the website, contact the office by email at: or call 561-265-3370.
The Excel spread sheets  have macros embedded for functionality. You may get a message warning you about enabling macros from un know sources. These macros are NOT dangerous to your computer. We created them ourselves and have thoroughly tested them.
You will need to enable macros on your computer. If you need instructions, please have the version of Microsoft Office you are using and call 561-265-3370 or email
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