How Family Promise SPBC Works

Our 20 hosting congregations with a total of 1,200 active volunteers are an integral part of our program.  They provide meals and accommodations so that every family has their own private sleeping space. The hosting system builds healthy collaboration among the participating congregations, heightens community visibility for Family Promise SPBC, and provides the guest families with a real sense of nurturing community. In fact, many graduates return to Family Promise SPBC to volunteer in supporting other families experiencing homelessness.

Each morning at 6 a.m. the families are transported by the Family Promise SPBC van to the Day Center on the campus of St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church in Delray Beach.  The Center acts as “home base” for families while they are in the program.  Children and parents leave from this location to begin their days at school, day-care and work.  Laundry and shower facilities, computer and internet access for job searches or homework assignments, a family room well stocked with books and toys, a full kitchen, and a variety of educational and social services are available to our clients here. The Day Center is also home to our administrative offices.

How Can I Help?
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