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Family Promise Success Story: Barbara

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Although there is a stigma associated with homelessness, most people experiencing homelessness are unable to find permanent housing due to lack of resources, funding, or support. Here at Family Promise SPBC, we pride ourselves on helping those who want to have a better quality of life, for themselves and their children.

How Quickly a Family Can Become Homeless

We are often taught that homelessness is uncommon or farfetched, but in reality homelessness can happen quickly for some families. This is what happened with Barbara and her family.

Barbara was juggling her job and being a single mother, and though it wasn’t easy, she was up for the challenge. One day, Barbara got into a car accident. She was unable to work due to her injuries and was subsequently let go. Barbara and her two children survived on her savings for a while, but her savings didn’t last forever. When she ran out of money and was unable to pay her rent, she and her two children were homeless.In just a few months, Barbara and her family went from having a job and a roof over their heads to being homeless.

An Opportunity To Bounce Back

Barbara called Family Promise SPBC, and she met the criteria for our program: she’s a mother with minor-age children, has a solid work history, and has proven she’s able to become self-sufficient.

Barbara was a great addition to our Family Promise SPBC program. Due to her self-motivation and willingness to learn, she landed a new job in a short period of time.

Barbara followed the Family Promise SPBC guidelines and within less than two months she was readying her family for a successful exit from our program. The average stay in our program is 54 days, so she was well under the average. We were able to provide her with transitional housing, which is a huge advantage for her since our families often report finding safe and affordable housing in Palm Beach County is one of the greatest challenges they face.

A New and Better Path

Recently, Barbara and her two children moved into their new home: a transitional housing unit. Due to her determination, strong will to succeed, and the skills she gained by following the Family Promise SPBC program, she is now on her journey to long-term sustainability.

Barbara and her children are appreciative of everyone associated with Family Promise SPBC who has helped them on their journey. Through our program, Barbara learned how to become self-sufficient, obtained a better job, and practices her life skills training from Family Promise SPBC.

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