Sharing Survival Stories Saturdays 

Inspirational and motivational stories about overcoming unbearable trauma by strong women - women who want to share their stories to help others. With special thanks to the Palm Health Foundation’s “Be Well DoWell” grant.

Survival Stories

LaKeysha Randall

Riding her bike ten miles each way to work every day to support her six daughters. Trying to make her marriage work with an unsupportive and controlling husband. Wondering where the next meal was coming from. Worrying about if they were going to have lights and water. Being evicted. LaKeysha shares her story of overcoming these tremendous challenges and struggles. Hear how she went from divorcing her husband, to attending college while working full-time in a highly professional position at a mortgage company.

Jessica Rodriguez

You’re young, you’re crazy in love, you get married, you have a baby....then, you learn the truth about your husband’s activities.

Learn how Jessica dealt with her husband’s incarceration, facing homelessness, and being a single mom. How did she overcome these challenges, tackle emotional struggles and grow into a successful businesswoman and mother? 

Luz Stella Rios

"Your life is going according to the plan: married, children, career, house, graduate degrees then.......the plan falls apart”. Faced with divorce, sudden health challenges, job loss, and eviction. Hear how Luz confronted the challenges and championed to become a successful business leader, homeowner, exemplary mother, cancer survivor, and earned her Ph.D. Her story will inspire you to be your best, stay positive, and become a “solution finder.”

Nikita Raysor

Your husband comes home one day, tells you “I’m leaving you and the kids --- and, oh, I haven’t paid the rent in months . . . . . . .” You’re evicted, you’re homeless, you have no money, what do you do? Nikita’s story is one of determination, survival, and faith . . . . “Never Give Up” is her mantra!