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Family Promise Success Story: Joshua, Ann, Allysa and Billy

Updated: Jul 2

How temporary housing, meals, life skills, education and wrap-around services helped this family.

Joshua and Ann along with their children Allysa and Billy, ages 14 and 2, were evicted from their home because of a job loss caused by an illness. Their only form of income was Ann’s disability check. They lived in a motel for 13 months and continued to fall behind in their bills. They were forced to live in their car because a shelter would separate the family. After a couple of weeks, an agency referred them to Family Promise of South Palm Beach County.

The family was assessed, met criteria and entered our program the same day. The Road to Independence program provided them with temporary housing, meals, life skills education and individual wrap-around services. During Billy’s assessment, he showed signs of developmental delays. Through our partnerships with other agencies, we were able to get Billy his much needed therapy. Joshua and Ann’s case manager empowered them to find employment. Allysa was able to go to her same school using the Day Center as her home base through the McKinny- Vento National Act, which provided transportation to her home school.

Joshua found a job in his area of expertise. Ann, a former Marine, found a full-time position. Billy continues his therapy and has improved his language skills to be fully understood. Allysa entered the Honors Program and maintains a 4.0 GPA. The family graduated in 60 days and now lives in a townhome with a goal of homeownership.

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