Training Video Library

Thank you for offering your time and talents to our guest families.  It is important that all volunteers for Family Promise have either been through a formal training session and/or viewed all of the training videos.  Click each section title below to see the corresponding video. We want to be sure to indicate in our records that you have received this training so please fill out the information in the indicated spaces and answer the three short questions at the end of each video. The video will be displayed below and it may take a moment to load, so please be patient.  When the video loads if it does not start automatically click the small play button (looks like an arrow pointing the right) below the video to start it.

Volunteer Training Video Table of Contents

I. Kokie Dinnan, Network Director Video Series Introduction  (5 min) <-- Click here to begin

   Homeless children is a national epidemic

   Palm Beach County statistics

II. Introduction to Family Promise (14min) <-- Click here to begin

    Introduction to Family Promise

    Structure of the Family Promise network

    The Day Center and its facilities

    The Host Congregations

    Family Promise Promo

III. Volunteer Opportunities (19 min) <-- Click here to begin

   The role of volunteers

   Dinner Hosts

   Evening Hosts and evening activities

   Overnight Hosts

   Breakfast providers

   Meal preparation

   Lunch providers


IV. Hospitality Code (28 minutes) <-- Click here to begin

    Talking to children about homelessness

   "How Can I Help?" video

   Review  �

V. The Daily Schedule (18 min)  <-- Click here to begin

  Dinner Preparation

  Social time


  The hosting logbook

  Morning schedule


VI. Policy & Procedure (16 min) <-- Click here to begin

   Consistency across host sites

   Safety issues


   Medications and first aid


   Behavior around children


   Handling meltdowns

   Giving advice


   Dos and Don'ts for volunteers (Review)

VII Video Summary (8 Min) <-- Click here to begin

    A composite summary of all the key learnings from the entire series of training video's.